Piney Grove Club

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Club Rules

1. Abide by all federal, state and local gamelaws.
2.Harvest mature does as you wish. 
3. Harvest mature bucks with 8 points or more. 
4.  Each hunter is allowed 3 bucks, 8 Pt or better.  Once this quota is met hunting is restricted.
5. We discourage guest hunting……Any member bringing a guest may allow
the guest to harvest one of his 3 bucks or pay $200 for the buck.
6.Members children must be accompanied by the member in order to hunt.
7. No road hunting, Joy riding or walking around food plots during season.
8.Members will be required to attend 50% of club workdays 
per day for the miss.
9.Sign in for areas within three hours of entry and sign out immediately on exit.
10.Members may not bring guests after their 2nd buck is harvested.
11. Members may not doe hunt after they have harvested three bucks
Concealment or attempt to conceal a deer that does not meet requirements will result 
in loss of hunting privelege with no refund.
Harvesting a deer that does not meet the requirements will be subject to a fine of $100
on the first offense and could result in loss of hunting privelege with no refund.
Failure to attend 50 % of club workdays will result in a fine of $100 per miss
There will be 4 required work days
Anyone mising on Sat may make up work on Sun
Good hunting concepts
Never harvest a lone doe on a field most of the time it is a button buck
Know your not shoot at an image after dark because you think it is a buck.
Treat food plots as sacred ground..slip in and out without disturbing deer.
Unless handicapped park a couple of hundred yards from food plots.
Button bucks will inevitably harvested just make every effort to scope the head.
Do not shoot hot does during the rut... our goal is to harvest mature bucks
Try to harvest all your does by the end of the third weekend of gun season
A camera will be provided by the club and stored in the sign in house
Please photo all deer as you sign out.
Failure to comply with these concepts will not result in immediate penalties but
could cause you to not be asked back next year.
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